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Water Chiller

    1. Containerized Water Chiller
    2. Containerized Water ChillerFounded in 2000, we have 9 years of experience in producing water chiller. Our water chiller is a part of concrete cooling system that could be applied in harsh working conditions to produce cool water for industrial use.
    1. Containerized Water Chiller
    2. Shell and Tube Type Water ChillerShell and Tube Type Water Chiller is optimal to cooling industrial equipment and central air conditioning. Our products employ flooded shell and tube evaporator and high efficiency heat exchanging tube, offering high heat exchanging and easy clearance.
    1. Containerized Water Chiller
    2. Falling-film Type Water ChillerFalling-film type water chiller employs falling-curtain plates which are able to provide high heat transfer efficiency and produce ice water near 0℃. Meanwhile, there is enough space on the water side of the evaporator to against freeze.
    1. Chilling System
    2. Chilling SystemSnowkey water chilling system is containerized for convenient usage on harsh working sites. Adopting evaporative condenser and 4-stage water cooling system, it is capable of cooling water from 46℃ (or even higher) to 0.5℃.
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