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Flake Ice Machine On Board

Sea Water Flake Ice Machine for Ship is able to directly use sea water to make ice and condenser circulating water, very convenient to use. The ice produced is flaky with a thickness of 2.5mm, being dry without powder and able to have a temperature of -10 C.
Sea Water Flake Ice Machine for Ship is fully automated and no need to maintain frequently, greatly saving relevant cost.

1. Efficient ice unloading. The ice producing side is made of stainless steel and equipped with both rake blade and scraping blade.
2. Our ice evaporator is made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, being able to survive with the sea water corrosion and the bad climate, and last as long as 8 years.
3. Special internal scrapper and blades, enabling fishing boats to scrape normally in harsh environments with a maximum swing of 35 degrees.
4. Optimized design, being able to layout integrally or partly.

Operating conditions
Power Requirements: International general standard of the whole system of electric power supply
Standard working conditions of ice production: water supply temperature 20 ℃, ambient temperature 33 ℃
Applicative operating mode, water temperature 0 to 35 ℃, ambient temperature 5 ~ 40 ℃
Ice outlet temperature:-10℃,refrigerant:R404A,R507A

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