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Quick Frozen Machines

    1. Spiral Freezer
    2. Spiral FreezerAccording to the HACCP sanitary safety concept, the inner of the spiral freezer is designed to be simple for cleaning and maintenance. The product fully conforms to related food sanitary standards.
    1. Tunnel Freezer
    2. Tunnel FreezerTo meet HACCP food safety management standards, the tunnel freezer incorporates an inner space which is simple for cleaning and maintenance. SUS304 stainless steel internal body and wire mesh belt (or solid plate) are corrosion resistance and have long service life.
    1. Plate Freezer
    2. Plate FreezerThe freezing plates for the plate freezer are made using 6063 aluminum-magnesium alloy, and have high degree of finish, high strength, good thermal conductivity, and strong corrosion resistance. The stainless steel freezing-cabinet interior and exterior ensures easy cleaning and high food sanitation as well.
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