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Standalone Double Stage Screw Compressor

1. The standalone screw compressor realizes double-stage compression, and has very compact structure, reasonable layout, and artistic contour design. This ensures simplified configuration for refrigeration systems.
2. Incorporating three oil separation system and efficient oil filer element, the oil separator achieves a high separation efficiency of 10ppm. This ensures low oil consumption.
3. The utilization of steel valve guarantees reliable and safe equipment operation. The additional constant pressure valve on the oil pipeline ensures constant stable oil supply pressure and improves the performance of the equipment.
4. Due to the reasonable design of the equipment gravity center and the foot screw position, the double stage screw compressor is provided with reduced vibration and noise.
5. The oil pump with small flow rate design supplies oil via differential pressure, which reduces energy consumption. Additionally, the oil pump only works during the compressor unit starting process, and will stop working when the unit is in normal operation status.
6. The high precision filter elements for the air intake filter and the oil filter ensure the constant reliable performance of the unit.
7. The oil cooler is available with either water cooling method or thermosyphon cooling method.

Control system
1. Equipped with German SIEMENS PLC control system, the screw compressor offers high reliability, fast operation speed, and rich functions. Meanwhile, it has modular structure, strong communication performance, simple operation, and user-friendly man-machine interface.
2. The control functions are rationally designed. The unit can achieve automatic PID adjustment according to the preset air intake pressure, and can also realize infinitely capacity adjustment in the range from 10% to 100%. Thus, the air intake pressure can be kept in a stable range, and the running cost can be reduced.
3. During operation, the man-machine interface will display the real-time air intake pressure, air exhaust pressure, oil injection pressure, air intake temperature, exhaust temperature, oil heating temperature, and many other important parameters. This ensures convenient operation and management.
4. On-line control for two or more compressor units is available. All data can be displayed on the control computer. Network interface is provided to support remote control.
5. Automatic, semi-automatic, and manual control modes are all available, which ensures convenient operation and reduced labor cost.
6. World famous brand electrical switch elements, sensor, actuator, and more are adopted.

In cold storage industry, the doubles-stage screw compressor supports fast freezing, and can be used in -20℃ low-temperature cold stores, as well as ultra-low temperature cold store for tuna.
It is also applicable for food processing industry. It can be used as an essential part of freezers, and is commonly used in the process for making frozen prepared foods, dairy products, and ice cream.
In pharmaceutical industry, it can be utilized in the process of biological and chemical extraction, etc.
Additionally, the unit has found applications in vacuum drying, chemical, and other fields.

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