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Single Stage Screw Compressor

Optimized structure design
The single stage screw compressor has compact structure. The optimized structure design ensures low noise, and low vibration.

High precision oil separating efficiency
The unit has high oil separation efficiency up to 10PPM, due to its adoption of multiple types of oil separation methods, such as four-times of impaction, the separation of large-diameter particles from the liquid by gravity method, highly efficient molecular material filtration, and more.

Highly efficient oil cooling unit
The device adopts a highly efficient heat exchange tube with small size. Both thermosiphon cooling and water cooling methods are available.

Low resistance, high-precision oil filter
An oil filter made of WU-type high-performance stainless steel wire mesh is adopted. This ensures high filtration precision and low oil path resistance.

Efficient direct connection between motor and compressor
The screw compressor is connected with the bipolar motor via a diaphragm coupling, and offers high speed, good auto-centering capability, and long service life.

Optimized oil way design
International advanced oil way design decreases the oil mass required for force feed lubrication system, reduces the oil pump displacement and shaft power, and overcomes the unstable oil pressure problem caused by varied working conditions.

Improved efficiency due to the design of economizer
The compression cycle with an economizer allows the screw type refrigeration compressor to operate economically at low temperature running conditions.

Our single stage screw compressor can be found in variety of industries, such as the refrigeration, food processing, vacuum drying, pharmacy, chemical, and more fields.

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