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Fujian Snowman Co., Ltd.(Originally: Changle City Snowman Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.) has obtained CE certification, ISO14001 certification, Management System Certification, State-level Torch Program for its concrete cooling system and ice making machines.

  • CE Certificate of Quality System Approval-1
  • CE Certificate of Quality System Approval-2
  • CE Certificate of Quality System Approval-3
  • CE Certificate for Semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors SP series
  • CE Certificate for Semi-hermetic refrigeration screw compressors SRC series
  • CE Certificate for Open-type screw compressors SRM series
  • CE Certificate for refrigeration screw compressors SW series
  • PED Assessment Report-1
  • PED Assessment Report-2
  • Design Examination Certificate for liquid receiver for refrigeration system
  • Design Examination Certificate for tube ice evaporators for refrigeration system
  • Business bank account approval
  • Design Examination Certificate for condenser for refrigeration system
  • CE Certificate of flake ice machine
  • Design Examination Certificate for flake ice machine
  • Particular Material Approval Certificate-1
  • Particular Material Approval Certificate-2
  • Particular Material Approval Certificate-3
  • Particular Material Approval Certificate-4
  • Design Examination Certificate for suction accumulators for refrigeration system
  • CE Certificate of small flake ice machine
  • CE Certificate of pressure vessel
  • Pressure Equipment Assessment Report-1
  • Pressure Equipment Assessment Report-2
  • A copy of business license
  • Business license
  • Design Examination Certificate for oil separator for refrigeration system
  • IQNet Certificate-1
  • IQNet Certificate-2
  • IQNet Certificate-3
  • CE Certificate of refrigeration system

  • Management System Certification
  • CE
  • Stat-level Torch Program
  • ISO14001

Fujian Snowman Co., Ltd.

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