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Enterprise Culture

Enterprise Culture:
1. Core corporate culture: Humanity, Responsibility, Perfection and Cooperation.
2. Core corporate value: The development of people underlies every success of the organization.
3. Four management principles: Efficient Organization, Full Devotion, High Compatibility and Effective Execution.
4. Valued employee character: Modest, Kind, Reliable, Cooperative, Passionate for Learning, Forgiving and Tolerant.

Fujian Snowman Co., Ltd., formerly known as Changle City Snowman Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd., was inaugurated in March 2000 with registered capital of 160 million CNY, and we are mainly dedicated to the research, design, manufacture, sale, installation and after-sales service of both industrial and commercial ice machines.

Headquartered in Binhai Industrial Zone, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, China, our company has two production bases, and we were listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in December 2011 with stock code of 002639.

Product Catalog
Snowman mainly offers concrete cooling system, flake ice machine, tube ice machine, block ice machine, water chiller as well as other ice making machines and auxiliary devices. These products are widely used for food processing, ocean fishing, food preservation, concrete cooling, mine cooling, reaction kettle cooling, artificial ice making, edible ice making and other fields.

Honor & Certificate
With state-of-the-art R&D capability, we have over 70 national patents up to now, and have developed a dozen of key manufacturing techniques though they are not patented. Our company has passed ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and CE certification, and has gained many honorary titles, like "Fujian Province Enterprise Technology Center", "Fujian Province High-Tech Enterprise", "Fujian Province Innovative Product", "Fujian Province Well Known Trademark", "Fujian Province Famous Brand", "Key High-Tech Enterprise of China Torch Program", etc.
In September 2008, we were authorized as "National Ice Machine Working Group Base" and "National Standard Drafting Unit of Ice Machine" by the Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of China, and then we have participated in the drafting and modification of several industrial standards.

Current Condition
After over a decade of rapid development, Snowman becomes the leading ice making equipment manufacturer and supplier in China, and that is resulted from our advanced production technology, unrivalled R&D capability, impeccable marketing network and talented management team. Our market share ranks first in China, and our ice machines are well received in over 30 countries and regions in Asia, Africa, Europe and South America, greatly promoting our brand name "SNOWKEY" around the globe.

Snowman will keep moving in the future despite of these great achievements in the past, because we want to lead the entire world!

Fujian Snowman Co., Ltd.

Add: Dongshan Road Minjiangkou Industrial District, Fujian, China. PC.: 350200
Tel.: +86-591-28513183
Fax: +86-591-28299366
Email: snowkey11@snowkey.com

Fujian Snowman Co., Ltd.