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Q: What are Snowman's advantages in environmental protection and energy conservation?
A: Snowman adopts imported fittings and advanced technologies, which enable us to provide ice making solutions efficiently and pollution-freely.

Q: Compared with other manufacturers, what are Snowman's advantages?
A: Snowman is benefiting from years of experience, advanced technology, versatility of products and full services. These advantages have earned a good reputation for us.

Q: Is there any common problem in similar products? How do you solve it?
A: Yes. Many manufacturers adopt low-price, poor-quality components for making cheap products. With immature producing technology, these products are always produced with many after-sale problems. 80% of Snowman accessories are imported from abroad. With mature producing technology, full services, and an experienced staff, Snowman's products has earned a good reputation among our clients.

Q: How do you control the quality of the fittings provided by subcontractors?
A: Snowman imports first-rank accessories from abroad and carries out regular sample inspection or complete inspection to ensure the quality. In addition, we have set up a feedback system to help our subcontractor improve the quality.

Q: Have your products been exported? Where?
A: Yes, our products are exported to dozens of countries and regions that include: UAE, Bahrain, Iraq, Oman, Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen, South Africa, Nigeria, Libya, USA, Canada, Brazil, Cuba, Turkey, France, Russia, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and more.

Q: What is your policy of after sale services?br> A: All of our accessories are provided with at least a one year warranty for free replacement or repairs, if they are not artificially damaged. When the warranty expires, we can also provide repair and replacement. However, the maintenance cost should be charged from customer's account.

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