Main Products
    1. Concrete Cooling Solution
    2. Concrete Cooling Solution The concrete cooling solution is developed relying on our years of experience in the industry. The cooling surface of the ice produced with our concrete cooling system is up to 1750m2/ton, resulting in optimal cooling effect. We have successfully manufactured various kinds of bespoke ice making equipment to customers all over the world ...
    1. Sea Water Flake Ice Machine for Ship
    2. Sea Water Flake Ice Machine for Ship According to classification society standards, our sea water flake ice machine for ship is specially designed for maritime ice making. With super anti-corrosion property, it utilizes seawater directly to make ice and is therefore an ideal tool for deep-sea fishing.
      All the components of this machine are welded to reach a compact ...
    1. Tube Ice Maker
    2. Tube Ice Maker Unique recycling ice making method which eliminates the impurities in water and make glistening, pure and clean ice
      Fixed producing time, stable performance
      The ice made by our tube ice machine is of uniform shape, which is suitable for storage and delivery
    1. Aluminum Plank Block Ice Machine
    2. Aluminum Plank Block Ice Machine All the components of aluminum plank block ice maker are fixed on an steel frame. It is easy to install and transport and could work as long as power and water are supplied. The standard power supply is 380V/3P/50Hz. It could also be changed upon request.

    1. Plate Ice Maker
    2. Plate Ice Maker Our plate ice maker is optimized with alloy and patent processing technology. It is highly heat-conductive. Needless for extra heating, this ice making machine uses self-generated hot fluorine gas to remove the ice, highly efficient and energy-saving.

    1. Slurry Ice Machine
    2. Slurry Ice Machine The deepchilled slurry ice crystal produced by our slurry ice machine is a kind of tiny crystal with liquid fluidity. Due to their superior fluidity and cooling properties, these perfect, round crystals are easy to distribute through piping and can completely cover the product to be cooled and flow into crevices, thus providing greater surface contact and faster cooling.